Eisfabrik - Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik - Out 24.01.2020

Eisfabrik is similar to Area 51: You know it exists. We can see and hear it, but do we know what's going on inside it?
One thing we can confirm is that on 24.01.2020 Eisfabrik will deliver their new album „Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik“!
Pre-order your copy in various shops here: https://reporecords.lnk.to/Kryothermalmusik_WE

Eisfabrik - Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik - Out 22.11.2019

After a two year break Eisfabrik are back with an EP announcing the upcoming album "Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik". Two brand-new songs and various remix versions with a total playing time of almost 40 minutes indicate where the journey is heading: Melancholy with a high catchy tune factor mark the direction of this release.

Order your copy in various shops here: https://reporecords.lnk.to/Rotationsausfall_WE

1.And Nothing Turns
2.And Nothing Turns (Club Version)
3.White Sheet
4.And Nothing Turns (Covenant Version)
5.And Nothing Turns (Schattenmann Version)
6.White Sheet (Frozen Plasma Version)
7.And Nothing Turns (Beyond Obsession Version)
8.And Nothing Turns (Robotiko Rejekto Version)
9.And Nothing Turns (Rob Dust Version)

Agonoize - new Album - Out now!
Finally here it is - the new Agonoize album "Midget Vampire Porn"
Order your copy in various shops here: https://reporecords.lnk.to/4-JK8WE
Disk: 1
Disk: 2
03. 1,2,3

Agonoize - new EP - Out now!
After almost five years the godfathers and founders of “Hellektro” finally return with a brand new EP and album:
27.09.2019 - Blutgruppe Jesus (-) / Schmerzpervers 2.0 (EP)
Preorder in various shops here: https://reporecords.lnk.to/a86lsWE
Pre-order the new album here: 
25.10.2019 - Midget Vampire Porn (Album / DCD)
Preorder in various shops here: https://reporecords.lnk.to/4-JK8WE

1. Blutgruppe Jesus (-) (Absolution)
2. Schmerzpervers 2.0 (Verlängert)
3. Bleed For Me
4. A Vampire Tale (Funker Vogt Rework)
5. Schmerzpervers 2.0 (Centhron Remix) 

Darkness on Demand - Brain Fucked / No Religion (EP) - Out 10.05.2019
On 10.05.2019 Darkness on Demand release a new double a-side EP Brain Fucked / No Religion, including great remixes by Winterhart, VDOC and the legandary Leæther Strip.
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01. Brain Fucked (Leæther Strip Remix)
02. Brain Drain
03. God Needs No Religion (Maxi)
04. Brain Fucked (VDOC Remix)
05. Never Look Back (Winterhart Remix)
06. Cyber Gigolo


Darkness on Demand - Detoxination (Album) - Out 01.03.2019

Darkness on Demand continue the futuristic journey with their new Album "Detoxination".

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01. Never Look Back
02. Brain Fucked
03. Detoxination
04. Stay Away
05 .When The Angel Will Be Send
06. Last Salvation
07. I Don’T Care
08. Holy Water
09. God Needs No Religion
10. Get Me To Another Planet
11. Pain In Me
12. Time Is Right For Us
13. Your Burden  

Darkness on Demand - Detoxination (EP) - Out 08.02.2019

After their debut Post Stone Age Technology, released in 2018 Darkness on Demand continue the futuristic journey with their new EP and album Detoxination.
Enjoy the great official video-clip and order the new digital EP in various shops here:
The new album will be out on 01.03.2019. Pre-order your copy in various shops here:
1 Detoxination (Intent: Outtake Remix)
2 All Human
3 Detoxination (Evo-Lution Remix)
4 Why Don't You Tell Me
5 Gates of Heaven
6 Detoxination (Maxiversion)

Funker Vogt - "Ikarus" - Out now!

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1) Ikarus (Single Edit)
2) Dogma
3) Ikarus (Crashed Mix)
4) Tragic Hero (Neumix)
5) The Last Stand

 Funker Vogt - New Album - "Wastelands" - Out now!

Order the new limited edition album "Wastelands" here:

USA & Canada - Special Shops:
IsoTank Music
1. Ikarus
2. Desperado
3. Thor's Hammer
4. Feel the Pain
5. Bloodsucker
6. Wasteland
7. Unter dem Radar
8. Bring the Fight
9. Let's go to War
10. Broken
11. Lock and Load
12. Atme den Schmerz
13. Freedom is Slavery - Bonus
14. Dance on your Grave - Bonus
15. Crucify me - Bonus
16. Shotgun Prayer - Bonus

Funker Vogt - New EP & Video - Order now!

Enjoy the outstanding new Funker Vogt video "Feel the Pain"

On 07.09.2018 the new EP "Feel the Pain" will hit the stores. The new album "Wastelands" will be released on 28.09.2018.
Be quick and get your special limited edition CD! 
Order the new limited edition EP "Feel the Pain" here:
USA & Canada - Special Shops:
1. Feel the Pain (Video Edit)
2. Der letzte Kampf
3. Feel the Pain (Extended Version)
4. Funker Vogt 2nd Unit (Neumix)
5. Gunman (Neumix)


Darkness on Demand - Back to Psychoburbia (EP) - Out 30.03.2018

With „Back to Psychoburbia“, the second single from the success-album „Post Stone Age Technology“, Darkness on Demand deliver an undeniable bridging to their musical past.Chased by dark visons of the future and philosophies of Armageddon, Wagner, Falagalas and Chris L. travel back to Psychoburbia...
Besides of the two new songs „Never Too Late“ and „Quicksand“, the EP also contains exciting remixes by established scene-acts like Agonoize and Eisfabrik.

Download here:
Stream here:
1) Back to Psychoburbia
2) Forever (Eisfabrik Remix)
3) Back to Psychoburbia (Agonoize Remix)
4) Never Too Late
5) Back to Psychoburbia (DoD Remix)
6) Quicksand

Funker Vogt - Aviator Collector`s Edition - Out now!

Funker Vogt is back with another collector’s edition. This time „Aviator“, originally released in 2007, comes with several rare bonus tracks.
This beautiful Collector's Edition comes in a 2 CD+1 DVD disc digipak, containing the following releases:
- Aviator, Club Pilot, White Trash plus divers bonus material, rare and unreleased tracks.
- DVD containing very special 5.1 Dolby surround sound versions of selected album tracks (Hostile Waters, Child Soldier, Frozen in Time, City of Darkness and Babylon), photo gallery and 2 making-of clips.
Enjoy the exclusive 2017 DJ-Mix of "Child Soldier":

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Tracklist CD 1:
01    Welcome To Destruction
02    Paralyzed    
03    Child Soldier    
04    City Of Darkness    
05    My Fortune    
06    Hostile Waters    
07    Thanatophobia    
08    Frozen In Time    
09    One    
10    Darwin's Nightmare    
11    Blind Rage    
12    Babylon    
13    City of Darkness (Download Version)    

Tracklist CD 2:
01    Deathmachine    
02    Snow Was Falling    
03    Lost in Translation    
04    City of Darkness (Downtown-Mix)    
05    Child Soldier (Kopfschuss-Mix)    
06    City of Darkness (2nd-Hookline-Mix)    
07    White Trash (live 2008)    
08    Thanks for Nothing (Re-arranged 2008)    
09    Black Hole (Re-arranged 2008)    
10    Paralyzed (AE5 Remix)    
11    White Trash (AE 8 Remix)    
12    Paralyzed (First Edit)    
13    The Race is On (2nd Strike)    
14    White Trash (1st Demo)    
15    Child Soldier (DJ-Mix 2017)    
16-31 Ringtones & Notification Sounds    

Tracklist DVD:
01    Hostile Waters 5.1 Mix
02    Child Soldier 5.1 Mix
03    Frozen in Time 5.1 Mix
04    City of Darkness 5.1 Mix
05    Babylon 5.1 Mix
06    Making-of Aviator    
07    Making-of Photo Session    
08    Trailer: World War I - Grabenkrieg in Europa    
09    Photo Gallery - 2007

DARKNESS ON DEMAND - Post Stone Age Technology - New album  - Out now!

Wagner, Falgalas and Chris L. continue their story with their new project “DARKNESS ON DEMAND”. Enjoy the official album snippet-video!

In their traditional music development they combine old-school EBM with dance floor-grooves and catchy melodies.

The recent album POST STONE AGE TECHNOLOGY describes a synthesis of the arts consisting of characteristic topics, such as escapism and dark visions of the future, but it is also a reckoning with their eventful past.
Songs like POST STONE AGE TECHNOLOGY, WHY DON’T U TELL ME, I DON’T BELIEVE and BODY BLEED present a dark vision of an android future, visualised in musical images.
Meanwhile songs like CITY OF THE DREAMERS and TAKE IT FROM THE RICH create dream worlds and keep alive the hope for a better future.
CHAIN REACTION and WE TAKE REVENGE are a clear confrontation with their past and the rising future of the new works under the unique name „DARKNESS ON DEMAND“...

01. I don’t need Anybody 
02. City of the Dreamers 
03. Back to Psychoburbia
04. Darkness on Demand 
05. Take it from the Rich 
06. Post Stone Age Technology 
07. Body Bleed
08. Dark Dreams 
09. Chain Reaction 
10. Believe in Yourself 
11. Forever 
12. I don’t believe
Order CD here:
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IsoTank Music
Storming The Base

or ask your local dealer!
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DARKNESS ON DEMAND - City of the Dreamers - EP and official video - Out now! 

"City of the Dreamers" is the new lead single from the upcoming album "Post Stone Age Technology". Enjoy the official video and get your copy here:

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DARKNESS ON DEMAND - New EP - Out on 02.02.2018 

Wagner, Falgalas and Chris L. continue their story with their new project “Darkness on Demand”. In their traditional music development they combine old-school EBM with dance floor-grooves and catchy melodies.

The first single “City of the Dreamers” is a modern Utopia, a vision of a better future of art and creativity that leads to a new hope opened to a better life….A life avoid of hate, war and corruption.

The single contains 6 exclusive and unreleased non-album-tracks: First of all the dancefloor-remix of the title track “City of the Dreamers” followed by a wonderful remix of the album track “Body Bleed” by Kunstwerk which describes a travel into an android future. In addition one will find four more unreleased tracks.

The debut album "Post Stone Age Technology" will be released on 23.02.2018.

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Pre-order the album CD "Post Stone Age Technology" here:

01 City of the Dreamers (DoD Mix)
02 Body Bleed (Kunstwerk Remix)
03 Fracking all the Rules
04 The Fire is not out
05 We take Revenge
06 Wir stürmen heut das Parlament
07 City of the Dreamers (Album Version)

FUNKER VOGT - Aviator Collector`s Edtion

Coming soon....

CD 1:

Aviator Album
Bonus Tracks

CD 2:

Club Pilot

White Trash

Bonus Tracks


Audio 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound Tracks

Making-of Aviator
Making-of Photo Session
Photo Gallery



FUNKER VOGT - Wahre Helden - New official video

Wahre Helden is taken from the new EP "Musik ist Krieg"- Out on 03.11.2017

Enjoy the video-clip and order your copy now!

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USA & Canada

IsoTank Music
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FUNKER VOGT - Musik ist Krieg - Out on 03.11.2017


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USA & Canada

IsoTank Music
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ME THE TIGER - New EP - OUT on 20.10.2017 

Saknaden is the second single from Me The Tiger’s third album “What is beautiful never dies”. The EP contains the hit-single "Saknaden" and several powerful remixes, accompanied by a great video-clip:


1.)Saknaden (Mars TV 'Dancing with Ponytail' Remix)
2.)Saknaden (Jonas the Tiger Remix)
3.)Saknaden (Bella the Tiger Remix)
4.)Saknaden (Neutrophic Remix)


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FUNKER VOGT - Musik ist Krieg - Out on 03.11.2017

Barely five months after the release of the successful album „Code of Conduct“, the Funker Vogt-recruits radio their new explosive EP „Musik ist Krieg“ into the clubs.


1.) Wahre Helden (Video Version)

2.) Schattenwelt

3.) Bloodbrother

4.) Strike Force

5.) Gladiator (Until Death Mix)

6.) Für immer (Agonoize Remix)

7.) Tanzbefehl (Kunstwerk Remix)

8.) Gladiator (Cephalgy Remix)

9.) Tanzbefehl (Art of War Mix by NOVAkILL)

10.) Für immer (Orchester Version)


ME THE TIGER - New Album - OUT on 18.08.2017

”What Is Beautiful Never Dies”

Buy here:


1. I Thought Sleep Would Do It
2. Saknaden
3. Hollow
4. Hiraeth
5. Meadow
6. Of What I Am
7. Kerosene
8. This Is Not Me
9. Your Empire
10. What Is Beautiful
11. You Must Die (Fortress Europe)

Me The Tiger Live

2017-09-06 Das Bett, Frankfurt (Germany)
2017-09-07 Bi Nuu, Berlin (Germany)
2017-09-08 NCN Festival, Leipzig (Germany)
2017-09-09 Markthalle, Hamburg (Germany)
2017-09-10 Roxy Music Hall, Flensburg (Germany)


ME THE TIGER - Hollow - New Single & Video - OUT on 30.06.2017

Hollow is the new lead single from the upcoming album “What is beautiful never dies”.

The new album will be released on 18.08.2017.


Buy here:




1) Hollow
2) Hollow (Eli van Vegas Remix)
3) Hollow (Second System Remix)
4) Hollow (Neutrophic Remix)
5) Hollow (Sara Idani Remix)
6) Hollow (Chandler Swing Remix)

FUNKER VOGT - Code of Conduct - OUT NOW!

Funker Vogt - Code of Conduct (Limited Edition + Bonustracks CD):


North America:

COP International
Storming the Base




FUNKER VOGT - Der letzte Tanz - OUT NOW!

Funker Vogt - Der letzte Tanz (Limited Edition Maxi-CD):

Also available in all relevant download and streaming stores! 




FUNKER VOGT - Pre-order in North America

Funker Vogt - Code of Conduct (Limited Edition + Bonustracks CD):

Storming the Base
COP International





FUNKER VOGT are back!

Release Dates:

19.05.2017 Der letzte Tanz (Maxi-CD)

02.06.2017 Code of Conduct (Album-CD)



After a few years of silence Gerrit Thomas and Rene Dornbusch enter the dance floors of the world again, accompanied by none other than singer Chris L. (Agonoize/ The Sexorcist) on the microphone.


Hard-hitting and merciless as ever Funker Vogt will attack the dance floors with catchy dance tracks again. 


Everybody who has seen Chris L. on stage before knows what to expect. Funker Vogt will perform an incredible redesigned live show. The band is ready to conquer the stage again, to turn them into battlefields. When the bass roars and explosions shake the earth, everybody will know that Funker Vogt is back in town!


The first sound-attack will start in the middle of May with the release of the new hit-single “Der letzte Tanz“. The brand new album “Code of Conduct” will be released early in June.

Both titles will be available worldwide via RepoRecords.


Both releases will be available in a limited edition with special packaging and bonus-tracks.

Fans should better be quick to get one of the limited versions!


Funker Vogt 2017, stronger than ever before!

Order: Dance! – and everybody dances along...